Restored 1972 Ducati Road 350
Modified 1990 Suzuki VX800
2008 Harley Davidson Road King
2009 BMW F650GS

Motorcycles from Sales, Sex & Salvation

Ken Owensby, husband, father, retired salesman, former motorcyclist & now author

Ken spent thirty years in the business world, starting off in computer systems development, before moving into sales, marketing, and eventually the role of running a small company. He is married to Barb, his wife of 41 years, and they have one daughter. They have lived in Ohio, New York, and parts of the southern US. Currently they reside in Lancaster, SC. Ken is an advocate for the treatment and research of Chiari Malformation, a rare neurological condition that forced his retirement. His collection of motorcycles included three BMWS, three Suzuki VX800s, seven Ducatis, including two antique 350 Roads that he restored, two Harley Davidsons, and a few other odds and ends. His wife was very pleased when he became a former motorcyclist.

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