From Mark McLaughlin of McLaughlin Strategy

“As a young man, the movie “The Graduate” had a big impact on me. Men my age still laugh whenever I say “Plastics.” But hey, whatever happened to Ben Braddock? I guess we will never know but Ken Owensby has given us the perfect sequel – It’s not Ben Braddock but Kevin Owens (Ken Owensby!?!?!?)Continue reading “From Mark McLaughlin of McLaughlin Strategy”

Sales, Sex and Salvation Release Date

May 16, 2021 Available on Amazon! Raised in a lower middle-class home in the 1970s Kevin Owens doesn’t want his parents’ paycheck-to-paycheck life. He has big dreams.   Kevin falls in love with a young woman who loves him too. She is sold on his dreams and agrees to marry him, almost overnight. Funding his ownContinue reading “Sales, Sex and Salvation Release Date”