Sales, Sex & Salvation

Coming May 16, 2021

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Raised in a lower middle-class home in the 1970s Keven Owens doesn’t want his parents’ paycheck-to-paycheck life. He has big dreams.  

Keven falls in love with a young woman who loves him too. She is sold on his dreams and agrees to marry him, almost overnight. Funding his own education Owens claws his way up in the business world to get where he can make the most money – corporate sales.   

He falls prey to his temptations.  Booze, sex and lies surround his daily life.  Cheating, drinking and lying becomes common tools for coping with his ‘businessman’s’ life. Both ethical and moral compromises are made to close and retain deals.  Affairs with women eat him up with guilt, but he can’t break the cycle. It all seems to be part of the high-roller lifestyle he desires.  Expensive cars and fast motorcycles, as much as the martini glass in his hand, support the image.    

Then depression sets in as the rise in his career threatens to tear his marriage and family apart. His world comes crashing down around him before he realizes he has to change to find the salvation he needs. He wants forgiveness for his sins, but is it too late?  Has too much damage been done?  Is suicide the only way out?   

Get your copy of Sales, Sex & Salvation to find out.  

All of this is possible to many great people that have helped me along the way.

This has been a collaborative effort of many people. The easy part is writing a book. The hard part is bringing it to life.

Monika Dziamka, my editor, put in endless hours taking the manuscript from rough draft to a work worthy to be published. My test readers, Mark McLaughlin, Perter Fitzgerald and Glenn Dinetz all provided invaluable feedback. Mark McLaughlin added editorial and character development advice suggestions.

And most importantly I thank my wife, Barb, who urged me to push on when I felt like giving up.

There is an old saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Well it certainly takes a village to create a good book.

I do hope you enjoy reading Sales, Sex & Salvation.

About The Author

Ken Owensby lives in Lancaster, South Carolina with his wife Barb of 41 years with many more to come.

After 30 years in the business world, Ken had finally retired and began his journey as an author.

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